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Our Ethos

Hot Pot Digital is the UK’s only agency entirely dedicated to reaching the Chinese consumer.

  • China Social Media Strategy
  • China Branding & Messaging
  • China Digital PR
  • Luxury, fashion, hospitality, tourism

Social media is the single most powerful communication tool for reaching affluent Chinese individuals.

Whether entering the Chinese market, or attracting Chinese tourists at home, we make leading platforms work hard to deliver awareness, brand-build and create strong preferences.

We do this by making sure the right people say the right things about you.

Our Beijing office puts us at the heart of evolving tastes and preferences of Chinese people. Our very success is based on this in-depth, personal experience of modern China.

Yet we’re right on your doorstep. As a UK agency we understand the values that define your brand. We help you develop these values into engaging content that resonates with a Chinese audience.

Hot Pot Digital is a PAE Group company.

Why China?

China has become a nation of powerful consumers. While much is reported of the super-rich, the most exciting opportunity for international brands lies firmly with the purchasing power of the booming middle classes.

Gone are the days when only a handful of showy luxury brands held appeal. Today’s Chinese consumer is more sophisticated than ever with an appetite for a wide spectrum of brands that suit his or her lifestyle.

China’s middle class is affluent, urban and increasingly cosmopolitan. With leading European brands making up to 30% of all sales to Chinese consumers both domestically and abroad, China is an immediate opportunity which cannot be ignored.

Contact Hot Pot Digital to find out how we can connect you to the world’s most exciting consumers.

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HOT POT Digital
Unit 21b, Waterside
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+44 (0)20 7490 0177

HOT POT Digital – China Office
Suite 603, Tower A
Sanlitun SOHO, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100027, P.R.China

Hot Pot?

Hot pot is the social dish of China. It’s an occasion when friends come together to talk about their lives, their hopes and their desires.

Into this spicy bowl of boiling broth is thrown meat, vegetables, mushroom, tofu, noodles. Once cooked, each person fishes out the things they like best and which appeal to their tastes.

For us, hot pot is a great metaphor for today’s digital world. From a gigantic mass of choices, we all pick out the people, brands and information we like, and which suit and support our lifestyles.

Any successful social needs a great host to make things run smoothly. We’re called Hot Pot Digital because we live out this role. We know our clients’ brands inside out, just as we know the likes, hopes and aspirations of their future consumers. We kick start exciting conversations to bring brands to the attention of the right people. Millions of the right people.

When it comes to China – we make sure your brand is at the table.

We’re Hot Pot Digital.