12/06/17 13:14 BST
by Hot Pot Digital

Know China Now: Angela Baby for Tag Heuer and Tencent’s Unrivalled Success

With more than 846 million daily active users, China boasts more smartphone users than the USA, Brazil and Indonesia combined, with an unprecedented rate of adoption and change in the digital sphere.

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Angela Baby Named Ambassador for Tag Heuer

What is it?

  • Tag Heuer has chosen Angela Baby – aka Chinese actress Yang Ying – as their global brand ambassador
  • The brand has shown an interest in boosting popularity among millennial Chinese consumers, for which Angela Baby is a good fit
  • So far, the new appointment has received praise from Chinese audiences


Why do I need to know?

  • This is a bold move from Tag Heuer, after Dior received a lot of online backlash for choosing the actress as their ambassador – she was subsequently dropped from the role
  • The negative reception for the Angela Baby Dior partnership demonstrated the importance of consumers’ entrenched perceptions when choosing celebrities to affiliate with
  • Chinese consumers’ previous strong affinity for celebrities is shifting and “red-carpet status” is no longer a guarantee of commercial success

Tencent Dominates Mobile Usage – By A Long Way

What is it?

  • A report that logs the average daily hours spent on China’s most popular apps over the course of two years has provided a very clear winner: Tencent
  • Tencent enjoys roughly four times as much attention on Chinese smartphones than Alibaba and Baidu combined


Why do I need to know?

  • Much of this growth is unsurprisingly driven by WeChat – especially as Tencent includes new features such as the search index and WeChat Mini Programmes
  • That said, QQ, Tencent Games and Tencent Video still hold a large percentage of Chinese consumers’ time – especially in comparison to Alibaba and Baidu alternatives