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Know China Now is a leading resource for brand marketers with an interest in China. Hot Pot Digital's core team report on China consumer, branding and digital marketing trends.

Know China Now: Angela Baby for Tag Heuer and Tencent’s Unrivalled Success

12/06/17 13:14 BST
by Hot Pot Digital

Hot Pot Digital's bitesize round up of what’s important to marketers in China this week: 12.06.2017

Hot Pot Digital in Business of Fashion

09/06/17 11:36 BST
by Hot Pot Digital

Hot Pot Digital's Managing Director discussing the future of WeChat commerce in Business of Fashion

How To Digitally Engage with China’s Fitness Craze

02/06/17 15:27 BST
by Hot Pot Digital

The prominence of keeping fit, for both health and aesthetic reasons, has boomed in China, along with a sharp increase in athleisure brands and fitness apps. Hot Pot Digital explores how to best engage in this profitable trend.