Harrods Weibo Tactical Campaigns

Hot Pot Digital was enlisted by Harrods to create a series of tactical campaigns to reach affluent Chinese luxury shoppers on Weibo.

The Challenge

Harrods were looking to increase fan numbers on their established official Weibo account. With 25,000 existing fans, Hot Pot’s brief was not just to deliver increased fan numbers, but to ensure that all fan growth was in line with a strict target fan demographic – travelling Chinese consumers with budget for luxury shopping. Against this brief, Hot Pot delivered a series of 4 tailored tactical campaigns. A sample campaign is outlined below

Douban Postcards

The Insight

As Harrods was looking to reach a worldly Chinese audience it was necessary to find a) a mechanism that resonated with this exact audience and b) a way of leveraging Harrods numerous UK-based Chinese expat followers.

During the campaign planning phase, Hot Pot Digital’s insights team picked up on the hot topic of postcards on social media. In line with Chinese consumers’ desire for international travel, we identified a growing trend for friends and family to request postcards sent from global destinations. Recipients of postcards then shared images online on social forums and networks.

The Solution

Hot Pot Digital collaborated with the Harrods product team to create a one-off set of luxury postcards using specially-released images from the Harrods vault.

One unique postcard per week was released as a prize for Weibo fans. Fans simply had to repost the original postcard image and tag one or more friends to whom they would like to send a “Postcard from Harrods”. One winner per week received the luxury postcard, hand-written by a calligrapher with greetings from Harrods, stamped with a London postmark and wax sealed with the Harrods official seal.

In addition to the physical prize Hot Pot also created a mechanism to deliver a “digital postcard” to each and every participant in the campaign as well as those friends and family that they had tagged. Each digital postcard was personalised with the Weibo name of each users, delivering a personal luxury touch that is uniquely Harrods.

The Results

UK-based Harrods fans sent the Harrods digital postcards to their friends and family based in Mainland China. As such, Harrods fan growth was targeted to consumers with a direct interest in visiting the UK. The chosen mechanism also meant that engagement was targeted to a more cosmopolitan audience with the means and motivation to travel internationally

  • 15,000 fans gained
  • 16,000 interactions delivered
  • Fan growth in target 25-30 year old affluent demographic