Mulberry: Cara Delevingne Campaign

Hot Pot Digital brought Chinese luxury consumers up close and personal with Cara Delevingne and leading Chinese fashion icon Han Huo Huo on Weibo and WeChat.

Nancy Zhang Mulberry Cara

The Challenge

When Mulberry was looking to launch a new collection designed by supermodel and global fashion icon Cara Delevingne, they turned to Hot Pot Digital to handle the China launch. The key challenge was to find a way of leveraging Cara’s superstar status while driving attention and traffic to the collection itself

The Solution

Hot Pot Digital planned and delivered a multiphase, multi-channel campaign centred around the above goals. Firstly we ran a buzz-generation campaign that offered Mulberry’s fans the opportunity to quiz Cara Delevingne directly via Weibo. Fans simply had to follow Mulberry’s Weibo channels and post a question to Cara @Mulberry with a dedicated campaign hashtag. In addition to fans, we also activated leading accessories blogger (Mr Bags), asking him to submit his own question.

The top 10 questions were then put directly to Cara by the Hot Pot team on a dedicated video shoot on location at the Mulberry VIP Garden party at Wilderness Festival.

Driving Awareness via Peer WOM

With heightened traffic and all eyes on the Mulberry account we launched into the second phase of driving attention to the new product line. Cara herself announced that one winner would have the chance to receive an exclusive Cara Delevingne collection bag before their release date in stores. As a multifaceted bag that can be worn three ways, users were asked to comment on their favourite attribute of the bag, driving WOM by leveraging Mulberry fans’ own feeds to reach friends and peers.

Product Placement with China’s Fashion Elite

Simultaneously, Hot Pot delivered additional reach and credibility by enlisting leading stylist and China fashion royalty Han Huo Huo. We delivered a unique shoot with Huo Huo styling the bag and posting to his 2 million Weibo followers.

The Results

All qualified traffic from Weibo was driven to Mulberry’s newly launched WeChat presence. On a dedicated menu in Mulberry’s WeChat microsite, fans were able to follow Cara’s global journey with the bag, discover its inception, design and production through sumptuous video assets, and explore the collection itself.

Data was captured from all WeChat fans indicating purchase intent and passed on as sales leads to Mulberry’s dedicated teams at physical stores across China.